Value Bets

The Value Bet API is processing thousands of historical odds data and market trends to find Value opportunities, compared against bookmakers odds. Once the opening odds are available, the value detection algorithm is running every 10 minutes up to the beginning of the match. We combine the power of our Predictions with the available Bookmakers and Markets. We provide you the bookmaker with the highest odd for the match winner market. We believe that betting in HOME win is the best choice.

BET: 1 = home win.
BOOKMAKER: The name of the bookmaker with the highest odd.
ODD: The odd provided by the bookmaker.
FAIR ODD: The fair odd is conditioned by the market. By the time we are doing the calculation and send the values (every 5 minutes) the market may have changed. The fair odd tells you the level under which it will be no longer be profitable to bet on the long run.

Notify on new value bets

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