In this page Eleven(our prognostic system) retrieves all Live Matches in which the Away team scored first (0-1) and the 8 factors of our system meet the minimum requirements. Out of this list, we choose the best of them and we post our predictions in the Home page.

For the LIVE matches, we propose to bet 2% of your bank and continue to flat bet until your bank grows (or drops) by at least 25%. Then recalculate the 2%. For example, if you started with 1.000 units bank, you would bet 20u a game until your bank grows to at least 1.250 units. At that point, you will recalculate your betting stake to 25u. You bet again “flat” until you reach at least 1.563 units. Your actual risk-reward ratio doesn’t get too high. The other thing that we propose to do, is that you should never lower your bet. Remember, if you vary the bet, your breakeven goes up. At a 2% unit, you are comfortable that you can ride through a losing streak. If you lose 10 games at 200u a bet and lower the bet to 180u, you must win 12.2 bets to get back to even. This is how our annual ROI is high at the end of every football year. Our actual bet goes up during the year as our bankroll reaches higher plateaus (know as the plateau system). This kind of betting system is so good for the live matches that sometimes can be many in just a few minutes.


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