Daily Picks

From now on, Daily Pick will be a “Late Goal” bet, meaning that from 75 min until the end of the game, one goal to be scored from either of the two teams. This kind of bet is offered in 1.83 odd and the interval depends every time on the teams. Sometimes the late goal will be offered from 68 minute and afterwards, but other times will be offered after 76 minute of the game. This kind of bet is really fun and worth to try it because most goals are scored late in the game. We propose to bet 2% of your bank and continue to flat bet until your bank grows (or drops) by at least 25% and then recalculate the 2% of your current bank. We will start with 100 units as an initial bank and the first bet will be 2 units. We will try to grow our bank annually and NOT monthly since this needs to be tested at least for 6 months.

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