Daily Pick 13.01.19

Initial Bank: 1000

Current Bank: 971

Betting Stake: 50

Betting Type: over 2.5

Odd: 1.9




Betting explanation for the DAILY PICK page.

Every time I lose a bet I will bet +10 units of my last bet and every time I win, I will bet -10 units of my last bet. If someone doesn’t want to bet 10u and start with 5u as his first bet, then he will bet +5u and -5u depending on the winning or losing streak. Let’s see an example:


1st bet 10u: Win

2nd bet 10u: Win

3rd bet 10u: Lose

4th bet 20u: Lose

5th bet 30u: Lose

6th bet 40u: Win

7th bet 30u: Win

8th bet 20u: Win

9th bet 10u: Win

10th bet 10u: Win

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